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Author: Donald Trafton

Donald Trafton shares better health tips for any age.

Made with Love

We’ve been buying organic produce whenever we can. Besides the benefits of more nutrients and no pesticides, there’s another important reason we choose to pay more.  We believe that the people who grow organic produce have a calling to do it, and it’s not the money. We believe that organic food, for the most part, is grown with love …and we benefit from that. A few years ago we had the opportunity to visit the Melaleuca manufacturing facility in Idaho…

You’re never too old for better health

We hear a lot about aging and declining health …but I’m not buying it! I hope you don’t buy into that either. I’ll be 79 next month, and I’m actually getting better muscle tone, better skin tone, and sickness, of any kind, is a thing of the past. We’ve been using the Melaleuca Vitality Packs, Access bars, Coldwater Omega-3’s, and protein shakes since we signed on with this company over 4 years ago. Now I’ve added some new fitness products…